Moritzhof children's farm

Jugendfarm Moritzhof is an Organisation dedicated to open work with children and adolescents and is maintained by Netzwerk Spiel/Kultur Prenzlauer Berg e.V. It also receives funding from the district of Prenzlauer Berg.

Exactly in the place where the Moritzhof children's farm stands today ran to 1989 the wall, which East Berlin and West Berlin separated.

At present four social education workers between them share three permanent Jobs. Their work is supported by many helpers from other institutions and social projects and by the involvement of active members of our association.

The opening hours of Jugendfarm Moritzhof are 13am to 6pm Mondays to Fridays and 1pm to 6pm on Saturdays. The main time during which support is provided is in the afternoon, when the children spend their free time with us after school or after after-school care.

The target group for all the free Services is children aged 6 to 16 from Prenzlauer Berg. The idea is that the children should be actively involved in deciding how the farm is organised and in the work on the farm. Ideas are discussed together and implemented.

Jugendfarm Moritzhof offers a variety of options as to how to spend one's free time. The main activities are working with and handling our animals, learning agricultural and gardening skills in connection with cultivating our flower beds, processing (cooking, baking, conserving) the products harvested on the farm, learning old trades (felting, spinning, pottery etc.) and, last but not least, organising and doing craftwork for our numerous parties.

The children are directly included in the preparations for and carrying out of the daily tasks. Thus, for example, they are allowed to decide themselves who will look after particular animals and plants, when and in what form. As well as the everyday tasks, the children and adolescents have the opportunity to make their own suggestions for projects and courses that should be offered. These requests and suggestions are considered during project planning and implemented together. Both our play house with its workshop rooms and also the court area guarantee the children a large choice of ideas as to how to occupy themselves and at the same time free space which they can largely use as they wish in accordance with their needs.

A large part of our work is financed from donation funds. We are pleased about your support / donation.

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